Ventricular Escape Beats are a means of preventing cardiac death when normal conduction pathways fail. So, too, are these thoughts, musings, and anecdotes a way of expressing that which lies outside of normal communication pathways.

A ventricular escape beat is a self-generated electrical discharge initiated by, and causing contraction of, the ventricles of the heart; normally the heart rhythm is begun in the atria of the heart and is subsequently transmitted to the ventricles. The ventricular escape beat follows a long pause in ventricular rhythm and acts to prevent cardiac arrest. It indicates a failure of the electrical conduction system of the heart to stimulate the ventricles (which would lead to the absence of heartbeats, unless ventricular escape beats occur).*

So basically, this site is a place for me to dump the thoughts, ideas, and comments I have about my life in EMS that don’t fit into a particular category elsewhere in my social media universe. If you enjoy reading what I write, give it a like or a tweet or a high five or something. I’m also always looking for contributors who are interested in sharing this literary journey with me. If you’ve got any questions, or would like to contribute,  you can always email dave@ventricularescape.com.

A bit about me: I’m a Licensed Paramedic in the State of Texas. I maintain certifications with NREMT, ASHI, AHA, and DHS/FEMA. As of 2016, I’ve been involved in EMS in some fashion for over 10 years, and have been working fulltime in EMS since 2010. I am an instructor for ACLS, PALS, CPR, BLS, and a few other alphabet soup cards. I also occasionally dabble in the world of firefighting as a volunteer. I have been writing various posts, blogs, and ramblings for a while now, and recently decided to bring them all together in one spot. Thus, this blog was born. I’m passionate about excellent patient care, education, sharing ideas, and learning to be a better person. I have lived and/or worked in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and most recently, Texas. I met my wife, Marina,  in 2012 and we were married in 2014. We have one cat, Rosie.


*Definition courtesy of Wikipedia (Ventricular Escape Beats)